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Bone Broth Protein Meal Vanilla Creme 800 Grams

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Mix one heaping scoop (included) in 12 to 16 ounces of water, juice or in a smoothie or protein shake one or more times per day. Great with almond, cashew or coconut milk.

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Bone Broth Protein Meal Vanilla Creme 800 Grams

Ancient Nutrition – Bone Broth Protein Meal Vanilla Creme 800 grams

Bone Broth Protein Meal Vanilla Creme 800 Grams
Naturally Delicious Vanilla Flavor, Mixes Great in Water, Juices, Smoothies, Unsweetened or Sweetened Almond and Coconut Milk or as a Nutritious Protein Shake
20g of Protein, 5g of Fiber, 2g of Sugars and 21 Whole Food Vitamins & Minerals per Serving
Gut Friendly, Paleo Friendly
Live Probiotics, Prebiotics and Enzymes
PCR Tested Free of Genetically Modified Ingredients
Available Sizes: 20 Servings (Container)

Ancient NutritionBone Broth Protein Meal Vanilla Creme 800 Grams
for a Modern World
Our mission is to restore our health, strength and vitality by providing history’s healthiest whole food nutrients to the modern world.
Jordan Rubin | Co-Founder, Ancient Nutrition

Natural | No Artificial Ingredients | Non GMO | Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Soy Free | Grain Free | Nut Free

DescriptionBone Broth Protein Meal Vanilla Creme 800 Grams

Fuel your body and energize your life with the power of Bone Broth and Ancient Superfoods. Introducing Bone Broth Protein™ MEAL—the first full spectrum, gut-friendly, delicious meal replacement shake that delivers the benefits of two of today’s hottest superfoods—Bone Broth and TigerNuts—along with 20g of protein, 5g of fiber, 21 whole food vitamins and minerals and just 2g of sugar per serving! Bone Broth Protein MEAL also provides a diverse offering of ancient nutrition missing from many of our modern diets including: live probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes; omega-3 fatty acids; nutrient-dense green foods and sprouts; and fermented herbs and spices.†
Metabolism & Healthy Weight Management Support†
Helps Reduce Stress-Related Food Cravings†
Promotes Healthy Energy and Stress Levels†
Supports Mental Cognition and Healthy Mood†
Supports Healthy Digestion and Detoxification†

Consume 2-3 servings per day as a part of a fitness and diet plan or cleansing  program. Great to add to your favorite recipes and meals.

Bone Broth Protein Meal Vanilla Creme 800 Grams

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