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Bone Broth Protein Pure 445 Grams

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Bone Broth Protein Pure Features:  collagen type II


Bone Broth Protein Pure 445 Grams

Ancient Nutrition – Bone Broth Protein Powder Pure – 15.7 oz. (445 g)

Pure Bone Broth Protein Powder from Ancient Nutrition is an all-natural, paleo-friendly, whole food dietary supplement protein powder – made from real chicken bone broth. Traditionally, bone broth is known to supply vital nutrients and minerals that so many of us are missing in our daily diets. This rich nutrition offers benefits for the health of your gut, joints, muscles, skin, and it supports healthy detoxification. Ancient Nutrition developed this nourishing, high-quality, great-tasting bone broth protein powder to provide a convenient, easy-to-mix form of protein. It contains collagen, gelatin, 19 amino acids, and more. 1 scoop contains 20 grams of bioavailable protein. That’s just 1 scoop! Other protein powders may boast more protein, but is it bioavailable? Is it readily absorbable so your body can utilize it? This is one of the ways that Ancient Nutrition is different.

Digestive Health  |  Joint Flexibility & Comfort  |  Skin, Hair, & Nails  |  Healthy Aging

Bone Broth Protein Pure 445 GramsTransform Your Life
Ancient Nutrition’s Pure Bone Broth is an excellent source of natural collagen and so much more. It’s gut-friendly, no-carb, and no-sugar – and it specifically supports joint health and comfort, healthy glowing skin, healthy aging, healthy immune system, metabolism, healthy muscle building, and healthy inflammatory response. Its sulfur and glutathione content help support detoxification. It contains naturally-occurring powerful amino acids, collagen type II, glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid. Bone Broth also contains the minerals calcium, potassium, magnesium, and selenium.

Enhance Your High-Performance Lifestyle
When you care about your health and fitness, it makes perfect sense to incorporate Bone Broth Protein into your daily diet. Best of all, it’s easy to use and convenient. It doesn’t matter how wonderful something is for your health… if it’s too time-consuming or difficult, it won’t be sustainable for daily use. With Ancient Nutrition’s Bone Broth Protein, you’ll be able to reap the rewards of powerful superfood nutrition every day – without spending hours in the kitchen! Use Bone Broth Protein in all your food prep, and reaching the suggested daily amount of protein will no longer be an issue.

The Benefits of Homemade Broth Without the Time & Effort

Dr. Josh Axe
Ancient Nutrition was co-founded by Dr. Axe, a best-selling author and doctor of natural medicine known for his expertise in natural remedies, digestive health, and strategic dietary plans for healing. Dr. Axe and Co-Founder, Jordan Rubin developed Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein to bring the ancient power of bone broth to the people of our modern society.

100% Natural  |  Paleo-Friendly  |  Gut-Friendly  |  20g Protein per Serving  |  No Carbs or Sugars

Modern Trend – Ancient Nutrition
Most of us today in the modern world are disconnected from the nutritional traditions that allowed our ancestors to thrive, stay healthy, and be strong. Bone broth is one of those foods that modern society as a whole just doesn’t prepare anymore. It’s understandable why, since it takes hours to cook. We need convenience and that’s where Ancient Nutrition steps in. With Pure Bone Broth Protein Powder, you get all the health benefits without all the cooking.

Variety of Uses
You can consume as many as 3 servings of Bone Broth Protein per day as part of your fitness routine, diet plan, or detoxification. Some hardcore bone broth users drink it warm in the morning instead of coffee. You can also use it to add a nutritional boost to your favorite recipes. The flavor is neutral and the powder mixes well in hot or cold liquid so you can add it to almost anything – water, juice, smoothies, and cooking.

Perfect for a Paleo Lifestyle
For those of you following a Paleo eating and lifestyle program, Ancient Nutrition’s Bone Broth fits right in. The product begins as a real liquid chicken broth and is dehydrated so it can become a modern, convenient, functional food. Its high protein content and no carbs or sugars make it ideal to include in your daily Paleo routine.

Bone Broth Protein is free of all common allergens, so it’s ideal protein for those who have sensitivities to dairy, grains, eggs, beef, nuts, and beans. It’s also easy to digest.

How Bone Broth Protein is Made
Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein is made from free-range chicken bones. The combination of high pressure and high heat create a shorter cooking time and help retain nutrients that are usually lost when cooking for long periods of time. Then, the broth is carefully dehydrated without the use of fillers or excipients.

Quality, Safety, Purity
The product is tested for heavy metals, including lead, and consistently tests far below stringent industry standards such as California Prop 65. It is also tested for pesticides and herbicides – the results are in line with organic standards. Ancient Nutrition is constantly improving their quality, safety, and purity standards. They are working towards certifications for the topics that their customers care about – hormones and antibiotics, organic, non-GMO, animal wellness, and more.

Bone Broth Protein Pure 445 Grams

Dr. Josh Axe is well-known as a best-selling author and doctor of natural medicine. He is also a doctor of chiropractic and clinical nutrition. He has appeared on numerous television shows including The Dr. Oz Show and he hosts his own show about digestive health on PBS. Dr. Axe is an expert in digestive health, natural remedies, functional medicine, and natural strategies for health and healing.

Jordan Rubin
Co-Founder, Ancient Nutrition

Jordan Rubin is an expert in natural health, best-selling author, and lecturer. As an eco-entrepreneur, Jordan has formulated a multitude of dietary supplements, functional foods, and beverages and is the founder of Garden of Life and Beyond Organic. In 2016, he launched Bone Broth Protein by Ancient Nutrition, along with Dr. Axe. It is the first line of protein supplements made from real liquid bone broth which has been transformed into powder form.

Ancient Nutrition’s mission is to restore health, strength, and vitality by delivering history’s healthiest whole food nutrients to modern society.

Bone Broth Protein Pure 445 Grams