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Barleans – Antioxidant Blend 12oz

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Family Owned & Operated Since 1989

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Barleans – Antioxidant Blend 12oz

Barlean’s – Organic Antioxidant Blend – 12 oz. (340 g)

Barlean’s Organic Antioxidant Blend combines the nutritional power of superfoods to defend your body against the effects of harmful free radicals. Barlean’s potent combination of organic flaxseed, coconut, acai, acerola cherry and camu cami provides you with vital Omega-3 (ALA), dietary fiber, Vitamin C and an array of antioxidants. Sprinkle into oatmeal, smoothies, juices, salads and yogurt to add flavor and texture. Also, you can enjoy Barlean’s Antioxidant Blend straight from the bag!

Organic Antioxidant Blend Features:

Supports a healthy immune system
Defends your body against the effects of harmful free radicals
Provides vital Omega-3 (ALA), dietary fiber, Vitamin C and antioxidants
Great to sprinkle into oatmeal, smoothies, juices, salads and yogurt
USDA Organic
Ground Flaxseed
Barlean’s organic ground flaxseed is a natural source of fiber, ALA Omega-3, essential amino acids and lignans.

Unsweetened Shredded Coconut
A natural source of fiber, minerals, and healthy medium-chain fatty acids (MCTs), unsweetened shredded coconut also contains a range of nutrients.

These Amazonian berries contain anthocyanin antioxidants such as resveratrol and important vitamins and minerals.

Acerola cherry
This fruit from South and Central America contains Vitamin C and bioflavonoid antioxidants.

Camu Camu
This mild-tasting rainforest fruit contains carotenoid antioxidants, Vitamin C, dietary fiber and amino acids.

Pathway to a Better Life

The Reason They Get up in the Morning
In 2013, Barlean’s set out on an epic journey that completely changed their company purpose. They call it paving a Pathway to a Better Life; the focus of which revolves around creating prosperity for people in a variety of meaningful ways. Thus, a significant amount of their corporate profits are now donated to help those less fortunate. As a result, they have come to view their products in a new light. They have become more than nutritional supplements; they are now their primary vehicle for realizing their purpose of paving a Pathway to a Better Life for those most in need throughout the world.

Family Owned & Operated Since 1989

How They Got Started
The Barlean’s story begins in the early 1970s when the family patriarch, Dave Barlean, quit his job as a pipe fitter and decided to become a full-time fisherman. His first step was to reconfigure a traditional canoe-style boat into a catamaran-style vessel and install live tanks right onboard. This innovation virtually revolutionized the reef netting industry, making it possible to seperate endangered speices from the commerical catch – and ensured that Dave’s customers got the very freshest fish possible.

Meanwhile, in addition to raising four children, beloved matriarch, Barb “Mom” Barlean began using what was conasidered anadavanced telemarketing technique for the times. She and Dave set up a direct order system and soon the Barleans were delivering fresh salmon across the state within hours of being harvested.

Pioneering Flax Oil
In 1989, son Bruce Barlean became interested in different source of Omega-3 fatty acids – flax oil. After working as a press operator for another company, Bruce began telling his dad of the problems he experienced in pressing flax seed. Dave, ever the hands-on innovator, put his mind to work developing a better process; and a family business was born. Using the same proven principles of freshness and direct distribution, Barlean’s Organic Oils began to grow and thrive.

Commitment to Quality & Innovation
With a commitment to staying ahead of the innovation curve in providing the absolute highest quality, Barlean’s soon expanded their product line to include additional oils, green food concentrates and other premium supplements. Along the more than 25-year journey, Barlean’s products have earned countless awards, and the company has been named both the #1 Health Food Store Brand and Manufacturer of the Year numerous times.

Still Family-Owned and Operated
Today, Barlean’s employs nearly 200 people and is known throughout the natural foods sector – and beyond – for unparalleled product quality and award-winning customer service and satisfaction. Truly family-owned and operated, Bruce Barlean and his parents continue to run the company. “Mom” Barb Barlean still resides in the family home, located adjacent to the ever-growing plant premises, among dairy and agriculture farms in Ferndale, Washington.

Quality & Innovation

Standard for Excellence
Barlean’s is committed to providing a range of dietary supplements that meet or exceed their customer’s expectations, and they have a history of building long-term partnerships with their customers and suppliers. It is their philosophy to continuously improve and innovate in all aspects of the company organization. To that end, their quality systems, standards, and procedures are constantly reviewed to ensure that they extend beyond commonly accepted boundaries of excellence. Thus, they are committed to satisfying and/or surpassing the requirements of retailers, consumers, and relevant national and international legislation on quality and food safety.

Commitment to Non-GMO
Barlean’s was the first flax oil manufacturer verified by the Non-GMO Project. The Non-GMO Project is North America’s only independent verification for products made according to rigorous best practices for GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) avoidance. Barlean’s flax oil, lignan flax oil and cold-milled flaxseeds are in compliance with these Non-GMO Project standards, which include strict traceability and segregation requirements.

Barlean’s flaxseeds and flax oils are 100% certified organic and have always been sourced from non-genetically modified crops. According to Barlean’s Owner, Bruce Barlean,”Flaxseeds should be unrefined, unfiltered and unadulterated. Science can’t predict with 100% certainty what cause and effect genetically altering foods will do to the health long-term. Why then wouldn’t they keep this naturally nutrient-rich, raw food just the way nature intended?”