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Purity Products – OJC Plus Cranberry 240.8g

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Better Health Never Tasted So Good!

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Purity Products – OJC Plus Cranberry 240.8g

Purity Products – Certified Organic Juice Cleanse OJC Plus Cranberry Cleanse 240.8g

Designed for daily use, OJC Plus – Cranberry Cleanse serves up over 20 organic super fruits and antioxidant- packed berries to nourish your body.* Loaded with phytonutrients to support vibrant health, OJC promotes vitality and energy while also supporting your body’s ability to cleanse by supplying 4 grams of fiber.*

Starting with fresh, ripe organic produce, our innovative process locks in the beneficial phytonutrients and antioxidants by gently grinding them into a fine powder. It’s Organic Juicing without the hassle!

Better Health Never Tasted So Good!

OJC Plus Cranberry Cleanse features a Performance Energy Blend with Green Tea, Red Grape and American Ginseng, plus Pacran, a unique, ground-breaking Whole Cranberry fruit powder, made from North American cranberries.

OJC is a Short Cut to Getting Your Super Healthy Super Fruits & Berries

OJC Plus (Certified Organic Juice Cleanse) – Cranberry Cleanse brings the organic farm to you every single day. Unleash the power of two dozen farm fresh fruits and berries every day – simply by drinking a scrumptious beverage! Plus, there are no worries about pesticides or herbicides.

OJC – Cranberry Cleanse serves up a wide array of organic super fruits and berries – loaded with beneficial nutrients to support vibrant health, cleansing, energy and well-being.* Now you can tap into the nutritional bounty of certified organic phytonutrients which are packed with antioxidant dynamism and wellness factors!*

These super foods also support cleansing and healthy detoxification.* OJC – Cranberry Cleanse™ goes even further by supplying fiber to assist with optimum regularity & colon health.*

OJC – Organic Juicing Made Simple

Every fruit and berry included in OJC Plus – Cranberry Cleanse is Certified Organic, Vegan, Non-GMO and Gluten Free to ensure superior quality and purity. Additionally, OJC – Cranberry Cleanse is certified “organic” by QAI – a global leader in Organic Certification.

Unleash the Power of Organic Super Fruits and Berries

The phytonutrients, berries and fruits found in the OJC – Cranberry Cleanse are ranked among the richest sources of antioxidants, flavonoids and polyphenols available in nature. Strawberries, Cranberries and Blueberries are endowed by Nature with special phytonutrients called “anthocyanins.” An abundance of scientific evidence suggests anthocyanins help maintain health of the human body on many levels. Anthocyanins function as antioxidants in the body and support cardiovascular health.*

The Power of Whole Cranberry

OJC Plus – Cranberry Cleanse is fortified with a clinically studied Pacran Cranberry ingredient that offers the benefits of the whole cranberry fruit, including the juice, skins, flesh and seeds. As a whole cranberry matrix, Pacran delivers the entire spectrum of the cranberry—cranberry as nature designed it. Why is it important to use the entire cranberry fruit? The latest research reveals that whole cranberry offers more benefits for urinary tract health than cranberry extracts made from fractions of the fruit.* Prior research has focused on a group of phytonutrients in cranberries called “proanthocyanidins (PACs)”, as the compounds mainly responsible for the effect of cranberries on the urinary tract.* Recent studies have revealed synergies of the whole fruit that outperform isolated fractions with concentrated levels of PACs.

Pacran-Clinically-Tested for Urinary Tract Health

In a randomized, double-blind clinical trial published in the scientific journal Current Bioactive Compounds, the effect of Whole Cranberry was assessed in a group of 60 women with concerns about urinary health. At a dose of 500 mg, Pacran produced significant benefits in as little as 10 days. And for the men, note, Cranberry has also been researched to provide healthy benefits for prostate support and function.

Pacran for Men

Cranberry offers important health benefits for both men and women. A number of research studies published in peer-reviewed journals show that cranberries—as a juice or dried powder—help men maintain a healthy urinary tract. These studies suggest cranberry also supports healthy prostate function.* Whether you are a man or a women, the wondrous benefits of Cranberry have earned it a leading role as a nourishing super fruit to complement your healthy lifestyle.*

Don’t Forget the Organic Fiber

OJC – Cranberry Cleanse contains 4 grams of fiber including Acacia. Acacia is a soluble probiotic fiber that supports gastrointestinal health.*

Supporting Holistic Health

Drink OJC – Cranberry Cleanse every day with water or almond milk to support:

Energy Levels*: Drinking OJC- Cranberry Cleanse provides you with a concentrated supply of nutrients that you can’t easily get if your diet isn’t otherwise rich in fruits and vegetables.
Digestion: Providing soluble and insoluble fiber, our OJC – Cranberry Cleanse can help you feel fuller longer, while at the same time supporting regularity, colon health and proper elimination.*
Immune Function: Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that help support your body’s immune health.*
OJC™ – Cranberry Cleanse – Your Simple Shortcut

Our OJC – Cranberry Cleanse is:

Supports – the Body’s Ability to Cleanse & Detoxify*, Promotes Vibrant Health, Energy & Urinary Tract Health* – Delicious Red-Cranberry Blast Flavor!
Convenient – Just add one 8.5 gram scoop of OJC – Cranberry Cleanse to cold water, or your beverage of choice, and you’re ready to get juicing.
Affordable – OJC – Cranberry Cleanse costs a little more than a dollar a day — that’s about 5 times less expensive than buying juice from a vendor.
Healthy – Packed with USDA Certified Organic Super Fruits, Berries, Fiber and 500 mg of clinically-tested Pacran Cranberry for Urinary Tract Support.
Contains – no ingredients derived from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Certified Organic, Vegan and Gluten Free.

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