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Nutiva – Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 54 oz

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“better than butter” replacement on bread and veggies, and a luscious body oil.

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Nutiva – Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 54 oz

Nutiva – Coconut Oil Organic Virgin is cold-pressed and never refined, deodorized or bleached! Savor its rich aroma and its smooth and sweet flavor. Coconut Oil Organic Virgin is ideal as a medium-heat cooking oil, a nutritious substitute in baking and even “better than butter” on bread, vegetables or popcorn. A pinch of salt will reduce the coconut flavor in savory recipes. You can even use the luscious, soothing oil on your skin and hair. Use coconut oil as a natural skin moisturizer, eye make-up remover, or deep conditioning hair treatment. Combine coconut oil with coconut sugar and essential oil for an exfoliating, refreshing body scrub.

Nutiva – Coconut Oil Organic Virgin Features:

No cholesterol
Made from fresh coconuts
Product of Philippines & India

Did You Know?
Once a central part of the traditional Pacific Islander diet, luscious coconut is fast becoming a staple in modern healthy diets as well. Coconut contains lauric acid, a medium-chain fatty acid also found in human breast milk. Lauric acid makes up about 50% of coconut oil.

Nutiva’s coconut products come from Southeast Asia, where the coconut oil is processed immediately upon harvesting. The creamy, white meat of the coconut is scooped out of the shell by hand. What you get is simply the creamy, fresh flavor of pure coconut.

Coconut oil is extremely versatile and can be used in place of both butter and other vegetable oils. A solid at cooler temperatures, it becomes liquid when warmed. It takes heat well and can be used for baking, sautéing, stir-frying or anywhere else you would use vegetable oil, shortening or butter.

Coconut FAQ
Q. How Do I Use Coconut Manna?
A. Coconut Manna is great to use in various recipes as a replacement for milk, cream, yogurt or butter. It’s delicious on top of or mixed into rice, oatmeal, cereals, and smoothies. Some folks love it spread on toast or crackers (for a strong “coconut-ty” flavor.)

You may notice some oil has separated to the top of your jar or bag during shipping. Simply warm all the way through, then stir the oil back in. Or, spoon the oil from the top and use for cooking! It’s your choice. We generally recommend stirring the oil back into the Coconut Manna.

NOTE: in colder climates, and during the cooler months, your Coconut Manna will tend to harden. You can use a spoon to “chip” pieces of it and then serve, or you can place the jar in hot (but not boiling) water for a few moments. Be sure not to burn the Manna.

Q. Coconut Manna: How does a person dispense the bulk 5lb Coconut Mann?
A. The 5lb bulk bag of Nutiva Coconut Manna is primarily intended as a food service item. Its main use will be in restaurants and smoothie bars and in food service applications. This unit is not intended for the home user unless they have a strong food preparation background.

The product needs to be melted in its entirety, blended, then poured into smaller containers – view our video on dispensing the bulk 5lb Coconut Manna. If you melt and pour off only a portion; only the oil will be removed. This will result in the remaining material comprised mostly of coconut fiber and protein. If this sounds too challenging please start with our 15oz jar.

Q. How is Organic Coconut Oil different from Organic Virgin Coconut Oil?
Not all coconut oils are the same, and labels can be misleading. Once you have tasted Nutiva’s Coconut Oil, with it’s light buttery flavor, you will not want to switch ! Could this be the reason why Nutiva is the #1 selling Coconut Oil in north America ?

Many organic coconut oil brands have either a slightly sour, very bland, and or a very strong flavor. Nutiva’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil looks, smells and tastes like fresh coconut. In the solid state it is pure white without the unappealing, off-white or grey color of oil that has been overly processed.

Q. My coconut oil is now liquid. It was solid when I bought it at the store. Is it still okay?
A. This is our most frequently asked question. Yes, it’s perfectly okay. Coconut oil melts at about 76°F. Below this temperature it is a solid; above, it is a liquid.

Q. How do I bake with coconut oil?
A. Replace other oils or butter at a 1:1 ratio, or for shortening, replace 1 part shortening with 3/4 part coconut oil. Either melt it or use it at room temperature depending on your needs. Keep in mind coconut oil will mix well when the rest of your ingredients are at room temperature. It makes a great replacement for less healthy alternatives like vegetable oils and shortening, which can contain GMOs and Trans fats. Use coconut oil at room temperature for flaky baked products. Melt coconut oil and use it in its liquid state to replace vegetable oil and butter.

Q. Does coconut oil need to be refrigerated?
A. This is our second most frequently asked question. No, coconut oil does not need to be refrigerated. As a matter of fact, if you put coconut oil in the refrigerator, it becomes nearly as hard as rock, a feature which can be useful in warm weather.

Q. What is the shelf life of Nutiva’s coconut oil?
A. Nutiva’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is very stable with a shelf life of at least two years.

Q. There are small specks in the bottom of my coconut oil. What are they?
A. They are coconut fibers. They’re perfectly natural, much like finding small bits of cork in a glass of fine wine, except that coconut fibers have nutritional value.

Q. I have heard that coconut oil is not good for you. Is this true?
A. This is commonly heard but is not true. Nutiva’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is quite beneficial to your body’s health and well-being. It is cholesterol-free and contains medium-chain good fats and 50-55% Lauric Acid.

Other brands sold in the United States are usually solvent-extracted from dried coconut meat (copra). They are also refined, bleached, and deodorized, and some are also hydrogenated.

Q. Can I lose weight by using coconut oil?
A. The best answers to this question may be found in several articles at the Coconut Research Center.

Q. How do I cook with coconut oil?
A. Use coconut oil instead of other oils in your daily cooking. You can blend coconut oil in smoothies, use it as a spread on toast (it makes fantastic cinnamon toast), use it as a topping on popcorn, and in other recipes.

Q. What is the recommended daily intake of coconut oil?
A. Health practitioners suggest three tablespoons of organic, extra-virgin coconut oil per day.

Q. Can I use coconut oil for my skin and hair?
A. Yes, coconut oil is a wonderful beauty aid. Try rubbing a few tablespoons of oil into your hair before a bath or shower. You can also use coconut oil as a lotion. Since coconut oils melts at 76°F, it absorbs easily and leaves your skin smooth and with a light, clean coconut scent. Nutiva coconut oil is also a luscious massage oil. Many massage therapists report that pregnant women say it helps to reduce stretch marks.

Q. What type of Jars is Nutiva Coconut Oil Packaged in?
A. Nutiva packages our oil in three types of materials: Glass jars, clear PET and white HDPE. We have found the white HDPE holds up better for shipping via UPS or USPS during the hot summer months.

Also note Nutiva containers are made without BPA. Bisphenol A or BPA is used in some plastics and tin cans.

Q. How do I bake with coconut oil?
A. It’s easy! Coconut oil is a simple 1:1 ratio with other oils, so just use the same amount the recipe calls for. Coconut oil makes a great replacement for less healthy alternatives like vegetable oils and shortening, which can contain GMOs and Trans fats. Use Coconut oil at room temperature for flaky baked products. Melt coconut oil and use it in its liquid state to replace vegetable oil and butter. Keep in mind Coconut oil will mix well when the rest of your ingredients are at room temperature or it will solidify in clumps quickly.

About Nutiva

Nutiva is an innovative leader in the health food industry. Since 1999 they have operated as a values-driven company dedicated to nourishing people and planet.

Nutiva is building a business characterized by high standards in all aspects of their company, from the organic farms that grow their foods, through the production, packaging, and transportation of their products, to the Nutiva associates who communicate with their retailers and the people who enjoy their products.

Nutiva’s watchwords-nutritious superfoods, healthier people, and a sustainable planet-express their commitment to move beyond conventional food industry practices to embrace a bigger picture that supports the long-term well-being of humanity as a whole.

Nutiva’s purpose is to produce the highest quality organic superfoods, providing superior nutritional value to their customers while supporting sustainable agricultural practices and a fair return to the farmers on whom they depend. They donate 1 percent of their sales to groups that promote sustainable agriculture.

Nutiva educates people worldwide on current developments in nutritional science, organic farming, green energy, and fair trade practices within the global economy.

At Nutiva they continually innovate so that they can better contribute to the health and happiness of their customers as well as the sustainability of the planet.