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NutriGold – Vitamin D3 Gold 2000 IU 360 Mini Softgels

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As a dietary supplement, take one mini softgel daily or as directed by a healthcare professional.

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NutriGold – Vitamin D3 Gold 2000 IU 360 Mini Softgels

Vitamin D3 Gold (2000 IU as Cholecalciferol)
Highly Bioavailable Form of D3 from LanolinVitamin D is extremely important for heart, prostate, breast, colon, bone, dental, and immune health. It is important to many of the body’s functions, but because vitamin D is present in most foods only in very small amounts, it is one of the most common deficiencies in the United States population. Vitamin D can be synthesized in the skin when it is exposed to sun; however, factors like sunscreen use, cloud or smog cover, time spent indoors, and others may limit the skin’s exposure to sun. Many people do not get enough sun exposure to synthesize the amount of vitamin D they need, and when food and sunshine are not enough, supplementing can help reduce risk of deficiency in groups who otherwise may not get enough vitamin D.

Groups that are at high risk for developing vitamin D deficiency include:People who primarily work indoors with limited sun exposure
People with dark skin—because their skin has less ability to produce vitamin D from the sun
Obese people—because their body fat binds to some vitamin D and prevents it from getting into the blood
Older adults—because their skin doesn’t make vitamin D when exposed to sunlight as efficiently
People with compromised ability to metabolize fat—because vitamin D needs fat to be absorbed

Product Highlights As cholecalciferol from lanolin
Formulated in organic olive oil
Hexane-free processing
Soy-free / Gluten-free
Verified free of allergens
No harmful additives
No magnesium stearate
Certified kosher

Vitamin D3 Gold features a highly bioavailable form of D3 (as cholecalciferol) from lanolin to help support bone, dental, prostate, breast, and immune health. To enhance the bioavailability of the fat-soluble vitamin, Vitamin D3 Gold is formulated in a base of organic olive oil. Vitamin D3 Gold is manufactured in the USA to industry-defining quality standards and is verified by independent third-party labs to meet identity, purity, and potency label claims.
Bio-identical Form of D3 as Cholecalciferol from Lanolin
Vitamin D3 Gold is formulated using cholecalciferol from lanolin, which is bioidentical to the D3 produced by the body and formulated in organic olive oil for enhanced bioavailability.
Verified FREE of Gluten and Other Common Allergens
For complete peace of mind, Vitamin D3 Gold is tested for and verified free of corn, egg, gluten, milk, peanut, shellfish, and soy allergens by an independent, third-party lab.
Third-Party Tested for 140+ Purity and Potency Markers
Vitamin D3 Gold is subject to over 140 purity and potency assays by independent, third-party labs to ensure that the product meets label claims of purity and potency.
FREE of Magnesium Stearate and Other Additives
Consistent with our guiding principleto “do no harm,” Vitamin D3 Gold is manufactured without the use of additives (including magnesium stearate) or preservatives.