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Bio Nutrition – Total Colon Wellness 60 Tabs

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Take one (1) or two (2) tablets three (3) times daily after meals or as directed by a health care professional.

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Bio Nutrition – Total Colon Wellness 60 Tabs

Bio Nutrition Total Colon Wellness – 60 Tablets

Bio Nutrition Total Colon Wellness is a multi-nutrient formula providing nutritional support for colon health and detoxification.  Bio Nutrition Total Colon Wellness is a comprehensive blend of Minerals, Herbs, Probiotics and Whole Food Extracts designed to  to promote detoxification, improve nutrient absorbtion, increase energy, assist weight management and contribute to overall health. Bio Nutrition Total Colon Wellness may help:

Lose weight
Increase energy
Improve nutrient absorption
Remove unwanted toxin
Contribute to overall health
Bio Nutrition: The Next Generation of Health!

About Bio Nutrition

Bio Nutrition was started by Robert LoMacchio. He grew up working in his family owned health food stores, where he watched and learned all about natural products. He soon began to learn how certain supplements helped people in different ways. Robert quickly gained a passion for helping people become healthy. After years of experience working with his dad in their health food stores and in the development of new product formulas for their family owned supplement manufacturing company, he wanted to use his many years of experience and desire to create his own brand of supplements. After his fathers passing in 2008 Robert’s dream came to life with the birth of Bio Nutrition. With over 30 years in the industry Robert has developed superior products to achieve optimal health!
Good health and satisfaction is Bio Nutrition’s number one priority. Robert’s knowledge and passion has been instrumental in the development and success of some of the most successful selling nutritional supplements being marketed today.  Bio Nutrition uses only Clinically tested ingredients and science based nutrition.

Pain staking research and the finest materials go into the development of each and every supplement. Bio Nutrition uses recycled plastic and sustainable packaging in the production of their products, remaining true to their commitment of protecting the earth’s environment.