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Purity Products – FUNctional Greens 30 days

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By taking FUNctional Greens you will fortify your body

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Purity Products – FUNctional Greens 30 days

Purity Products – FUNctional Greens Phytonutrient Super Formula 180 grams 30 day

We are all looking for an easy and enjoyable way to live healthier, feel better and reap the benefits of fruits, vegetables, berries, fiber and dark greens in our diet. Finally, with FUNctional Greens, better health never tasted so good!

The Power of Potent Phytonutrients

Experts agree, one of the top secrets to radiant health, strong immunity and high energy levels, lies in eating a healthy diet, rich in phytonutrients, fruits and greens. As a matter of fact, we need more than just the standard 5 servings a day. Now the bar has been raised and 7-9 servings of fruits and vegetables are recommended EVERY day, and the vast majority of us fall short!

The Easy & Fun Way to Get Your Greens

Best of all, FUNctional Greens tastes great! Each 6 gram scoop is reinforced with abundant levels of berries, fruits, vegetable extracts, wheat grass, spirulina, broccoli, spinach, kale, probiotics, green tea and much more. And no blender is needed, just mix in water or juice and enjoy.

Superior Quality Is The Key

All the ingredients used in Purity’s FUNctional Greens are of the highest quality and freshness. The fruits and vegetables are low temperature processed to retain their goodness. Preserving the purity of Nature’s vital nutrients and antioxidants requires the gentlest 21st Century processing. The Freeze Drying and RapiDry technologies immediately lock in the goodness of nature…right on the farms…and right after the harvest! TargeTest bio-testing platform allows us to ensure the safety and specific bio-activity of our ingredients. This is done to retain the color, flavor, and nutritional value of each. The extracts used are selected for their high yield of active constituents. Many of the fruits and vegetables in Triple Greens are organic and all are pesticide free.

Purity’s FUNctional Greens Delivers 4 Key Factors:

Super Fruits like strawberries, blueberries, bilberries, raspberries, bananas and cranberries for their healthy aging factors.*
Dark Greens like kale, spinach, broccoli, parsley and green tea for their immune and energy support.*
A wide array of Bioflavonoids and Carotenoids, to support healthy energy levels, endurance, cardiovascular support and optimal immune function.*
Healthy Fiber & Flax – 3 grams of fiber and 2 grams of flax powder per serving to support regularity and heart health*
Powerful Support With FUNctional Greens

As a dietary supplement, FUNctional Greens provides a smorgasbord of health sustaining fruit and vegetable concentrates.*
By taking FUNctional Greens you will fortify your body with the antioxidant protection of fruits and vegetables.*
Vegetable extracts contain phytonutrients that buttress the body’s antioxidant defenses.*
Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and kale deliver multiple health benefits.*
Daily intake of vegetables is part of an optimal diet for maintaining cardiovascular health.*
Bioflavonoids = Polyphenols in Action

Bioflavonoids are the most prominent of the polyphenols, including antioxidant-rich citrus flavonoids such as naringenin, hesperetin, chrysin, tangeretin, and rutin. Some of these flavonoids work towards cardiovascular health by promoting relaxation of blood vessels, while some reinforce other antioxidantslike vitamin E—that contribute to the health of blood vessels. Additionally, citrus flavonoids like hesperetin provide antioxidant support for the brain.*

Another ingredient in FUNctional Greens, Green Coffee Bean Extract (GCE), has been shown to support cardiovascular health by directly acting on blood vessels. GCE wields polyphenolic action in its chlorogenic and ferulic acids, acting on nitric oxide in blood vessels in addition to usual antioxidant functions.*


FUNctional Greens contains a special form of low viscosity, water-soluble, indigestible dextrin called Fibersol-2. One thing that makes this ingredient special is its prebiotic activity: it provides food for Bifidobacterium, the type of gut flora that you want more of in your gastrointestinal tract. Healthy gut flora contributes to better immune function and promotes overall health. Furthermore, because it is fiber, Fibersol-2 has been associated with some of the cardiovascular benefits of fiber.*

Purity Products – FUNctional Greens 30 days

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